Elle Red is debuting her first novel, The Guides and is thrilled to share with the world the fascinating and timeless relationship of Lena and Sebastian. 

Come experience this unforgettable journey through the eyes of a slightly complicated, motivated, twenty something as she travels to her second home, a small town in the Bavarian Forests of Germany.  Entering into the adventure of her lifetime,  she quickly discovers that it has been planned long before she would ever live it.     

"For me, my story unfolded in a way I could have never imagined this summer, revealing the answers to secrets I had never shared with a soul.  The pieces that make up who I am, instead of a string of random intricacies that I could never weave together clearly, but resolved to accept nonetheless, finally tied in place to create a vivid patchwork of understanding."

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Elle's Playlist

These songs inspired my writing, shuffling this mix through my iPhone which sat in a small bowl to amplify the sound, this story was shaped and perfected.  Purchased on iTunes, I am so thankful for each artist and their immense talents.

  • Bon Iver - Holocene
  • Cold Play - A Sky Full of Stars
  • Pink Floyd - Take it Back
  • Sia - Breathe Me
  • The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
  • Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing (featuring Florence Welch)
  • Ocean Lab -On a Good Day
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich - 1904 and Pictures
  • Nicky Romero, NERVO,Miriam and Olivia - Like Home
  • Stateless - Crash
  • Angus and Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road
  • Ellie Goulding - Lights
  • Kygo - Firestone (featuring Conrad Sewell)
  • Codes in the Clouds-We Anchor in Hope (Tom Hodge Remix)\
  • Florence + The Machine - Wish That You Were Here

A Quick Thank You:

To Chuck Sambuchino (http://www.chucksambuchino.com) and Elizabeth Buege (http://www.elizabethbuege.com) for their time, patience and expert advice in helping me fine-tune my query and manuscript, and mad love to my "Beta" readers, you know who you are! xoxo

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  • Category: Adult, Sci-Fi, Romance
  • Style:  Bildungsroman-Coming of Age Story
  • Themes:
    • Exploring an obsessive connection with another soul
    • Mind bending theories that question your reality
    • Escaping your secrets and embracing your flaws

    • Impossibly rectifying the scars of your past

  • Trilogy:  Addictive and Refreshing New Book Series

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